How to Reset Tire Pressure Monitoring System on Honda CRV

With these steps, learn how to reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on the Honda CRV.

Before proceeding with resetting the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, perform these steps first.

  • Inflate the tires to the proper values as stated on the tire.
  • Park the vehicle.
  • Turn the ignition to the “On” position without starting the engine.


Models Without Touch Screen

  1. Locate the TPMS button under the dashboard on the left side.
  2. Press and hold the button until the lower tire pressure indicator blinks two times.
  3. Drive the vehicle for about 20 minutes. Try to keep a speed between 30 to 65 mph when possible.

Models With Touch Screen

  1. Select “Settings.”
  2. Select “Vehicle” or “Customize settings.” (Skip this step if you don’t have either of those options)
  3. Select “TPMS Calibration.”
  4. Choose “Calibrate.”
  5. Select “Initialize.”
  6. Select “Yes.”

After about 20 minutes of driving, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System on the Honda CRV reset should be complete.

8 thoughts on “How to Reset Tire Pressure Monitoring System on Honda CRV”

  1. We just got new tires. We were driving and the tire light came on. We reset per your suggestion and it came back on after about 20 minutes. What do we do if it turns back on.

    • Check the tire pressure in the tires. If they are correct, it sounds like they didn’t re-initialize the system properly when they replaced your tires. I would take it back.

  2. I have a 2010 Honda CRV, there does not appear to be a reset under the dashboard on the left side, and there is no other reset button anywhere that I can find. Is there something hidden somewhere else or connected to another reset?

  3. I put air into the tires and reset the indicator light. But the light indicator keeps coming back ( but pressure is ok). What’s wrong here?

  4. These indirect systems are very sensitive to different sized tires – mainly if one is a slightly different size from the other three. That is how the computer concludes that you have low pressure – by increased revolutions on one wheel. We had a 2001 Buick that was the same way. Yes, Honda that was on a 2001… This is 2022…

    I switch all four wheels/tires for winter and always have issues with the light. After I did the initial switch, I reset the TPMS, and it was fine for 3 weeks. Then it came on as I was pulling into my driveway the snowplow had just dumped on tonight… One wheel slows or speeds up significantly, and the light comes on. This is a flaw to the indirect system. My wife’s 2017 Accord is the same way.

    The flaw to the direct system is batteries going bad inside the tire or replacing expensive pressure sending units.

  5. it needs to be recalled. I have a 2016 CRV and for 3 years including 2 hard resets my light has remained on . They tell me $177 for checking for the problem. Ridiculous


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