Honda Civic: Connect a Phone

Connecting your phone to a vehicle is a great way to enhance safety and entertainment while driving. However, it can come with some glitches if you don’t know where to look.

2022 Models 

  1. On your LCD screen, locate and select the Bluetooth icon.
  2. Click the Connect New Device button.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and make it discoverable.
  4. Press the Scan button on your device.
  5. Click the Search for Device option.
  6. Select your phone from the displayed list.
  7. Verify that the LCD screen code matches your phone’s code.
  8. Press the Pair button.
  9. Ensure that the audio and phone calls on the LCD screen are selected.
  10. Press the Connect button.

2016 – 2021 Models 

  1. Press the Phone 📞 button on the audio system.
  2. Press Yes to add a new phone.
  3. Make your phone discoverable by locating the Bluetooth on the settings menu.
  4. Activate the Bluetooth by turning it on.
  5. Press Continue on your Civic’s audio system.
  6. The system will display your desired phone, which you will select.
  7. Ensure that the code on the audio system matches the one on the phone.
  8. Press Pair to complete the connection.
  9. Turn on Honda Link Assist to enable the car to attempt dialing emergency services should an accident occur.

2012 – 2015 Models 

  1. Verify that your phone is paired to the hands-free link wirelessly for your telephone.
  2. Press your phone 📞 button.
  3. Select Yes to add a new phone.
  4. Click the Enter button.
  5. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and put it in discovery mode.
  6. Select the desired phone from the displayed list.
  7. Your phone will request a pin. Please enter the pin ‘0000‘ and press enter.
  8. The phone connection will be completed.

2006 – 2011 Models

  1. Open your phone and ensure that the Bluetooth option is turned on.
  2. Press the Call button on your vehicle’s radio unit.
  3. Select Yes and continue to the other options.
  4. From the list displayed, select your phone.
  5. Confirm that the passkey on the phone matches that on the audio system.
  6. Click the Confirmation button.
  7. If your phone requests a password, enter the passcode displayed by the audio system on your phone.
  8. The system will notify you once the phone is paired.
  9. The system will confirm the connection by prompting you to turn on Honda Link Assist.

2000 – 2005 Model

  1. Locate your phone settings and select the Bluetooth option.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth to make it available for other connecting devices.
  3. Cycle the radio to the Accessories option.
  4. Navigate to the Bluetooth sync menu. The Bluetooth symbol will display on the screen.
  5. Pair the device, and the connection will be activated.

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