Honda Accord: How to Open Fuel Door

Whether you’re renting or just have purchased a Honda Accord, you might be confused the first time you want to fuel up the vehicle. I searched for a fuel door release button or lever inside the vehicle, only to find there wasn’t one. Here’s how to release the fuel door on the Honda Accord.

2018 – 2021 Models

Newer models of the Accord have a capless fuel filler system. Use these steps to open the fuel door.

  1. Ensure the vehicle doors are unlocked.
  2. Exit the vehicle, then push on the right side of the fuel door. It will spring open.
    Accord Fuel Door
  3. There is no gas cap to open. Insert the pump and start fueling.

Older Models

Older Accord models will have a fuel door release located on the floor near the driver’s side door. Push the button to release it.

Honda Accord Fuel Door Release

4 thoughts on “Honda Accord: How to Open Fuel Door”

  1. Why did Honda build the 2018 Honda Accord without a locking mechanism. Seem they are not concerned with anyone having access to open the gas door & put damaging items into the gas tank. Just seems weird they did not address this issue.

    • The fuel door locks when the car doors are locked. I agree that it’s rather odd to couple the two systems, rather than have an independent fuel door release like every other car, but it’s not as bad as you’re suggesting.

  2. WHEN (not if) the fuel door does NOT open (regardless of whether the driver’s door is unlocked), how do you fill the car with gasoline? Is there a fuel door release cable hidden somewhere in the car?

    Honda has put this same technology in their new Goldwing motorcycles and it has failed, stranding some motorcyclists at the gas station with no way to fuel their motorcycles.


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