GMC Sierra: How To Reset Oil Life

The GMC Sierra has a feature that displays an Oil Life Remaining percentage that helps you know when to change your oil. For example, if “REMAINING OIL LIFE 80%” is displayed, that means 80% of the current oil life remains.

Once the Remaining Oil Life hits a low percentage, a message that says “CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON” will be displayed. Once you have had maintenance service performed on the truck, you can perform an oil reset using these steps.

Option 1 – All Models

  1. Turn the ignition to “On“. Do not start the engine.
  2. Slowly press the accelerator pedal all the way down 3 times within a 5 second interval.
  3. Turn the ignition “Off“.

The next time you start your GMC Sierra, the Oil Life will be reset.

Option 2 – Models Without Driver Info Center

  1. Turn the ignition to the On position to turn the electronic system on. Do not start the engine.
  2. Turn/rotate the trip odometer stem/knob on the instrument panel until “Remaining Oil Life” is displayed.
  3. Press and hold the knob or thumbwheel until a prompt appears. Select “Yes” and the “Oil Life” resets to 100 percent.

The “Change Engine Oil Soon” message should now be reset.

Option 3 – Models With Driver Info Center

  1. Turn the ignition to the On position without starting the engine. 
  2. Use the arrows pad on the steering wheel to highlight Info.
  3. Scroll down and display the “Oil Life“.
  4. Press and hold the Thumbwheel button or .
  5. You will be asked, “Are you sure you want to reset?” Highlight “Yes“, then press the Thumbwheel or √ to select.
  6. Switch the ignition Off then back On to verify the reset.

I hope one of the options above has worked for you and that you have successfully reset the remaining oil life on your GMC Sierra.

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