GMC Sierra: Connect a Phone

Connecting your phone to your GMC Sierra allows you to make calls hands-free, stream your music, and even follow directions.

2019 – 2022 Models (Bluetooth)

  1. Check if Bluetooth connectivity is active in your car.
  2. Enable your phone’s Bluetooth and make sure it is discoverable.
  3. Pair your phone through the infotainment system controls or by voice commands.

(Infotainment System Controls)

  1. Press the “CONFIG” or “Phone” button on the controls in the center of the instrument panel, just below the screen.
  2. Click “Phone Settings” on the screen using the control knob labeled “MENU.”
  3. Select Pair Device (Phone).
  4. The screen will then ask you for a four-digit pin and to launch a Bluetooth search on your phone.
  5. Start the phone’s pairing process.
  6. Select the phone name on your car display.
  7. On the phone, select the car model and brand.
  8. Enter or confirm the PIN displayed on the vehicle’s screen.
  9. The pairing is complete.

(Voice Commands)

  1. On your GMC screen, press the Push to Talk button.
  2. Say “Bluetooth.” The system will respond with “Bluetooth Ready.”
  3. Listen for a beep, then say, “Pair.” The system will respond with, “Please start search on your Bluetooth phone.”
  4. Start a search for any Bluetooth devices.
  5. Once you select your car name on the phone, you’ll be prompted to input a 4-digit code displayed on your car screen.
  6. Once input, the pairing is complete.

2015 – 2018 Models

  1. On your car screen, go to Controls and select the “Phone 📞 button” or “CONFIG.”
  2. Select Menu, then click “Phone Settings.”
  3. Click “Pair Device.
  4. Your screen will prompt you to initiate a Bluetooth search and display a 4-digit pin.
  5. On your cellphone, select the device with your vehicle model’s name.
  6. Enter or confirm the PIN displayed on the vehicle’s screen.
  7. Click “Always Allow” to utilize the contact dialing feature.

2010 – 2014 Models (Bluetooth)

  1. Turn on your car, but keep it in park. You will use your car’s infotainment touchscreen to complete the pairing process.
  2. On your vehicle’s touchscreen, touch the Phone 📞 icon.
  3. Select “Add” or “Pair a New Phone.”
  4. On your phone, turn on your Bluetooth settings and initiate a search.
  5. Select your vehicle from available devices to connect to.
  6. Check if the code on the infotainment screen matches what’s displayed on your phone.
  7. On the infotainment screen, click on “Touch Pair.”
  8. Accept the pairing on your phone.

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