GMC Acadia: How to Release/Open Fuel Door

The GMC Acadia is a popular car that is driven all around the world. It is easy to drive and maintain. This includes accessing and releasing the fuel door to refuel your vehicle. The Acadia has a straightforward system for refueling, whether you have a new model or an older one.

Keep reading below for details and specific instructions on how to access your fuel door and refuel your vehicle. Just don’t read your phone while you drive!

2017 – 2023 Models

  1. The gas indicator has an arrow indicating which side of your vehicle your fuel door is on.
  2. To open your fuel door, press and release the back center edge.
  3. Your model of GMC Acadia does not use a fuel cap.
  4. Be sure to close your fuel door fully when you have finished refueling your vehicle.

2007 – 2016 Models

  1. Your fuel door is located on the driver’s side.
  2. Open the fuel door by pressing the door in the back center section.
  3. Slowly turn the fuel cap counterclockwise.
  4. Your fuel cap is equipped with a spring, so turn it fully, or it will recoil back into place.
  5. Hang your fuel cap on a hook on your fuel door.
  6. Replace the fuel cap by turning it clockwise until you hear a click. A Malfunction Indicator Lamp will alert you if your fuel cap is not on completely.
  7. Close the fuel door firmly.

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