GMC Acadia: How to Open the Hood

You know things are going well with a vehicle when you don’t have to open the hood very often. But things do happen, and you should be prepared. Below, learn the straightforward steps to open the hood to your GMC Acadia, no matter what model you are driving.

2007 – 2023 Models

  1. Remove any snow or debris on top of the hood before you open it.
  2. Pull the hood release lever on the instrument panel’s left side towards the bottom.
  3. At the front of the car, feel under the front center section of the hood. You will find a secondary lever to release the hood.
  4. Push the secondary lever to the right.
  5. Lift the hood slightly.
  6. The automatic system will lift the hood and hold it in an open position.
  7. To close the hood, pull the hood down.
  8. Allow the hood to drop.
  9. Ensure that the hood has latched back into place. If it has not, lift the hood again and repeat step 7.

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