Kia Forte: How to Reset Tire Pressure System

Do you need to reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on your Kia Forte? Here’s how to do it.

The light indicator is a notification to warn you of significantly low air pressure or high-pressure loss in your tires and is not to be ignored, as low pressure affects the vehicle’s overall performance:

  • How the vehicle drives.
  • Increase fuel consumption
  • Tire failure

2008 – 2023 Models

  1. Park the vehicle on a flat surface and turn off the engine.
  2. Locate the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) reset switch. It is usually located under the dashboard, near the steering wheel.
  3. Push and hold the reset switch until the TPMS warning light on the dash begins to blink.
  4. Release the reset switch. The TPMS light will remain on and then switch off.

This should reset your indicator light. However, after the tires are inflated, the outdoor temperature affects how fast the air in the tires will adjust to the proper temperature. In addition, if the tire pressure warning light stays illuminated, you will need to have your vehicle serviced, as there could possibly be a sensor issue.

NOTE: If you are unable to Reset the Tire Pressure Light on the first try, repeat the steps. If you are still unsuccessful, contact the dealership for assistance or consult your vehicle user’s manual. 

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