Ford Fusion: How to Open Fuel Door

Wondering how to open the fuel door on the Ford Fusion? You’re not the only one! We’ve got you covered with this tutorial.

There is no fuel door release on the Ford Fusion. To open the fuel door, exit the vehicle and locate the fuel door. Depending on the model, there are one of two ways to open the fuel door.

Some models require you to push the door inward like a button. Then it will pop open.

Ford Fusion Open Fuel Door

Other models have a notch you can use to simply let you swing the fuel door open without having to push anything. Just open the door with your fingers.

You should also know that newer models of the Ford Fusion do not utilize a gas cap. So don’t be perplexed if you do not see one. Just place the pump in and pump.


Don’t feel dumb! Opening the fuel door has perplexed many Ford Fusion owners and renters.

6 thoughts on “Ford Fusion: How to Open Fuel Door”

  1. How does one lock the gas lid on the 2014 Ford focus?
    This is a serious flaw, and leaves my vehicle vulnerable to gas tampering. Is there anything I can do to lock it?
    I didn’t spend 15,000 to have my vehicle wrecked. This vehicle has all the security features, but they sure went cheap when it came to the fuel lid!!!

  2. Ford Fusion I just rented had a button on the driver side door to open the fuel cover. Cant open it without pushing the button.


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