How to Set Clock & Date on the Ford Focus

Set the clock or date on the Ford Focus using these steps.


2014-2018 Models

Non-MyFord Touch Models

  1. Press the “Clock” (button with a clock) or select “Menu” > “Clock Settings“.
  2. Use the center arrow controls to change the setting to “Set Time“. Use the “OK” button to select.

MyFord Touch Models

  • The GPS is set automatically using the navigation system.

2012-2013 Models

  1. Press the “H” or “M” buttons to activate clock settings.
  2. Press “H” or “M” to toggle the hours and minutes respectively to the desired time.
  3. Select “OK” to set the time.

2008-2011 Models

  1. Press the “Clock” button. The display should say “Set time“.
  2. Use the radio station preset numbers to key in the time.

2003-2007 Models

  1. Press the “Menu” button until “Select Hour” or “Select Mins” is displayed.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to toggle to the desired number.

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  1. Hi, I have just bought a ford focus 05 automatic as a run about with a genuine 29k miles on the clock, trouble is only getting 25 miles per gallon, anyone out their experiencing the same problem or is this about right for this model of ford ?


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