Ford Focus: How to Open Hood

Find the two latches to open the Ford Focus hood with this tutorial.

  1. On the inside of the car, pull the latch located under the steering wheel, close to the drivers side door. On some models, like the Australian model, the latch is on the left side on the passenger side. When pulled, the hood should pop up.
    2015 Ford Focus Hood Latch
  2. Now with the hood popped up, go to the front of the vehicle and find the second latch under the hood, which is located toward the left side. Pull this latch toward the right. With your other hand, lift the hood all the way up, then prop up the hood.
    2016 Ford Focus Second Hood Latch

Older Models

Note: Some models have a key hole hidden behind the front Ford Emblem. Slide the Ford emblem up and use your Ford Focus key to open the hood.

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