Ford Fiesta: Turn Rear Wiper On/Off

If you’re having trouble trying to figure out how to turn the rear wiper on the Ford Fiesta on or off, you’re not the only one. That’s why we made these instructions for operating the back window wiper.

  1. Locate the wiper lever on the right-side of the steering wheel.
  2. Pull the wiper lever toward you to turn the rear wiper on. Push it away, toward the instrument panel to turn the rear wiper off.

Note: The rear wiper will turn on automatically when shifting into Rear gear if the front wipers are on.

1 thought on “Ford Fiesta: Turn Rear Wiper On/Off”

  1. on my 2014 Fiesta, it doesn’t push or pull, not sure why, it only moves up and down. Can only get the back wiper to move when I put it in reverse. Any answers?


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