Ford Fiesta: How to Open the Trunk

Are you wondering how to open the trunk on the Ford Fiesta vehicle? We show you how with these easy to follow instructions.

First thing you probably want to know is that there is no way to pop the trunk open using a button on the inside of the vehicle. Many users are perplexed by this. Stop looking! You won’t find a latch or button to open the trunk on the inside of the Fiesta (at least on most models).

On most models you can open the trunk by using the trunk release button on the key fob. Most models require you to press the trunk button rapidly 2 times to release the trunk.

Otherwise, you can unlock all of the doors, then use the button physically located on the trunk underneath the trim. Feel around for the latch underneath the Ford badge and you should be able to find it.

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  1. My 2015 Fiesta has had a drained battery twice. I have jumper cables in the trunk. Guess what… Ford’s Better Idea kept the trunk securely locked. No battery, no open!


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