How to Open the Hood on the Ford F150

Wanting to learn how to open the hood on the Ford F150 pickup truck? We have the steps and locations for you in this tutorial.

  1. Locate the hood release located inside the vehicle, just inside the door on the driver’s side. Pull the latch out to pop the hood.
    F150 Hood Release
  2. Exit the cab and walk to the front of the vehicle. There is a secondary latch under the hood located in the center portion. Push the latch upward to release the hood.
    F150 Secondary Hood Latch
  3. Lift the hood until the cylinders lock it open automatically.

That’s it! You have successfully opened the hood on the Ford F150 pickup.


3 thoughts on “How to Open the Hood on the Ford F150”

  1. Still could not open the hood. The illustration was not graphic enough. I felt all around and did not encounter anything I could lift up.

  2. Ford directions suck, says release inside latch walk around to front and lift hood. makes no reference to secondary release.
    went online – one set of instructions say move secondary release right, another move left, another move up. none work. I’m about ready for the saws-all


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