Ford Escape: Open Fuel Door

The Ford Escape has different gas configurations depending on the model year, but they’re all designed for easy access, and once you do it once, you’ll learn it’s simple and efficient. Check out our simple steps to open the fuel door of your Escape!

2020 – 2023 Models (w/Spring-Loaded Fuel Door)

  1. Go outside the vehicle to the FUEL door. 
  2. Put your finger in the FINGER INDENTION located on the fuel door (See image).
  3. Pull until the door OPENS. The door has a spring that will keep it open.
  4. Push the door to CLOSE it. The spring will lock the door in place.

2008 – 2019 Models (w/Raised Lip Fuel Door)

  1. Move to the rear of the car and locate the fuel door.
  2. Slide a finger or two into the raised fuel door lip and pull the door outward.

2001 – 2007 Models (w/Fuel Door Release Lever)

  1. Locate and pull the fuel door release lever on the driver’s side floorboard to the left of the seat.
  2. Move to the rear of the car and locate the fuel door.
  3. Fully open the fuel door.

You are ALL SET!

**NOTE: If you are unable to open the Fuel Door on the first try, REPEAT the steps. If you are still unsuccessful, contact the dealership for assistance or consult your vehicle user’s manual.

1 thought on “Ford Escape: Open Fuel Door”

  1. This is the first result for ‘how do I open fuel door on a 2020 ford escape’ — as you wrote this in 2019 and the picture is NOT a 2020 ford escape it’s obvious google is wrong, and this blog is wrong for 2020+ models (4th generation). So for those that struggled like me the correct solution is simply to PUSH the door in with your hand and then it will push back out. It will NOT open if you try to force it from the side like the previous escape versions 🙂


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