Ford Edge: How To Set The Clock

Setting the clock on any vehicle should be easy. But you may not be able to figure it out quickly on the Ford Edge. Use these steps to set the time on the clock.

For vehicles with digital navigation screens: Turning on the GPS TIME will allow the system to automatically adjust your time dependent on your present location. This feature will change your clock when you cross into a different time zone.

Choose the year which suits your vehicle, follow the uncomplicated steps to set the clock.

2008- 2010 

  1. With your vehicle in the ON position without starting the engine.
  2. Press the MENU button until SELECT HOUR appears on the screen. 
  3. Via the SEEK button press the RIGHT side to INCREASE the HOUR.
  4. Press the LEFT side to DECREASE the HOUR. 
  5. Press the MENU button again until SELECT MINS appears. 
  6. Via the SEEK button press the RIGHT side to INCREASE the MINUTES. 
  7. Press the LEFT side to DECREASE the MINUTES. 


  1. With your vehicle in the ON position without starting the engine.
  2.  Located in the MIDDLE of the digital display at the TOP, touch the TIME itself.
  3. Use the + icon on the LEFT side to INCREASE the HOUR. 
  4. Use the – icon on the LEFT side to DECREASE the HOUR. 
  5. Use the + icon on the RIGHT side to INCREASE the MINUTES. 
  6. Use the  icon on the RIGHT side to DECREASE the MINUTES. 
  7. Touch either the AM or PM icon to set day or night. 
  8. Touch the 12h icon or military time 24h icon. 
  9. Touch the ON or OFF icons for daylight saving time. 
  • You also have the option to DELETE the clock from the screen completely.  


  1. With your vehicle in the ON position without starting the engine. 
  2. Press the CLOCK button. 
  3. Press the Up arrow to INCREASE the HOUR. 
  4. Press the DOWN arrow to DECREASE the HOUR. 
  5. Press the RIGHT arrow to highlight the MINUTES. 
  6. Use the Up arrow to INCREASE the MINUTES 
  7. Use the DOWN arrow to DECREASE the MINUTES. 
  8. Press the RIGHT arrow 1 last time to highlight PM/AM 
  9. Use the UP or DOWN to select day or night. 
  10. Press the OK button in the center to set the selected time. 



  1. With your vehicle in the ON position without starting the engine. 
  2. Via your digital screen, touch SETTINGS.  
  3. Touch the CLOCK icon. 
  4. Touch the UP and DOWN arrows to the LEFT of the time to set the HOURS  
  5. Touch the UP and DOWN arrows to the RIGHT of the time to set the MINUTES. 
  6. Touch the AM or PM icon to set day or night. 
    • Located directly below the time, choose 12h or military time 24h formats. 
    • Below the formats, you also have the option to turn daylight saving time OFF or ON. 


If you are unable to set the time on the Ford Edge on the first try, repeat the steps. If you are still unsuccessful, contact the dealership for assistance or consult your vehicle user’s manual. 

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  1. Ford Edge 07 radio clock can’t change press menu after display set hours the seek arrow left and right not moving not changing time

    • Press the menu button until you see “Hours” showing on the display. The press the tuning button up or down to find the correct hour. Press the menu button again and the display will say “Minutes” ups the up/down tuning buttons to the correct minute.


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