How to Open Fuel Door on Ford Edge

Wondering how to open the fuel door on the Ford Edge? You’re not the only one.┬áIf you’re wondering, you should know that there is no way to open the fuel door from inside the cab. There is no lever or button. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Exit the vehicle.
  2. Locate the fuel door.
  3. Press inward on the right side of the fuel door. It will spring open.
    Note: Some models will not require pushing and will allow you to simply fling the gas door open.
  4. Remove gas cap and begin fueling. No gas cap? Some newer models have an “Easy Fuel” system where there is no cap to remove. Simply insert the spigot and begin fueling.


Is there any way to lock the gas cap?

No. For 2011 to 2014 modes, you can purchase a locking gas cap if you are concerned with gas theft or tampering.

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