Ever Notice This Feature on Your Fuel Door?

Unless you read the manual to your vehicle cover to cover, you may not know about all of the features it possesses. I have owned a RAV4 for 10 years, and I’m still discovering features I didn’t know it had. Take for example the fuel cap holder built on the inside of the fuel door.

Gas Cap Holder
Many cars have a fuel cap holder built into the door. Yes I have painted nails as well as a little girl who likes to paint them.

I was amazed I never knew about this! I was also amazed to discover that it’s a common feature on most vehicles. Did you know about it? Another question is, will I use it while refueling now that I know it’s there? It just seems like a lot of extra work to make sure the gas cap gets right into the holder properly. I’ll probably just let it dangle like I have been. It’s still a cool feature!

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