Chevy Equinox: How to Set The Seat Memory

Setting the Seat Memory in your Chevy Equinox allows the system to recognize your personal preferences, such as seat position, inside and outside mirror angles, and the location of the steering wheel (For some models). You set it once, and each time you start the vehicle, each of these automatically moves to your chosen settings.

The Equinox comes with two Remote Keyless Entry/Key Fobs, which can be programmed for 2 separate drivers and will be stored, allowing all settings to be recalled upon pressing the START button. You can ask your dealer which remote is number 1 and 2, or you will be notified by the Digital screen when you start the vehicle.

NOTE: If you are unable to set the Seat Memory on the first try, REPEAT the steps. If you are still unsuccessful, contact the dealership for assistance or consult your vehicle user’s manual. 

Memory buttons are located on the side of the Driver’s seat or, in some models, on the inside of the door panel. Follow these uncomplicated steps to set your seat memory.

2020 – 2023 Models

  1. Switch ON your keyfob.
  2. Turn ON your vehicle. You’ll see a welcome message indicating the driver’s number assigned to your keyfob.
  3. Adjust the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and outside mirrors to suit your preference.
  4. Press and release the SET button on the inside of the driver’s door. The vehicle will beep once.
  5. Press your assigned keyfob number until you hear the vehicle beep twice.

2011 – 2019 Models

  1. Turn ON your vehicle.
  2. Tap Settings on the display menu.
  3. Press Vehicle.
  4. Select Seating Position or Comfort and Convenience, depending on your model.
  5. Set the toggle in the ON position for both Seat Entry Memory and Seat Exit Memory.
  6. Adjust the driver’s seat, outside mirrors, and steering wheel to your preferred position.
  7. Press the SET and designated keyfob number simultaneously until the car beeps.

*Memory should be SET! Do the exact same for programming the other remote. Each time you enter the vehicle, press your designated number to resume your memory settings.

Additional Options

To Turn OFF and STORE Your Seat Memory When You Exit


If you want the steering wheel and seat to move back to their original positions, making it easier for you to EXIT the vehicle and then access the EXIT mode each time you get out, apply these few steps:

  1. Move your seat and steering wheel to a position that allows you to exit comfortably.
  2. Performing FAST, press and HOLD the SET button until it BEEPS.
  3. Immediately press and HOLD the EXIT button until it beeps TWICE. Memory is now Stored! If you do not hear the beeps, you need to repeat the steps faster.

*Each time you are getting out of the vehicle and want to apply the EXIT settings, just press and hold the EXIT button. 

To Set The Exit Feature Each Time You Open The Door

This allows the seat and the steering wheel to provide more room.

  1. Via your Digital Screen, Touch SETTINGS.
  2. Touch VEHICLE.
  3. Touch either the SEATING POSITION or COMFORT and CONVENIENCE button, depending on your model.

To Turn ON/OFF Seat Memory Via The Digital Screen

  1. Start your vehicle.
  2. Touch VEHICLE.
  3. Touch either the SEATING POSITION or COMFORT and CONVENIENCE button, depending on your model.
  5. Touch ON or OFF.

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  1. The manual on my 2018 Equinox Premier says to pull out the lock lever under the seat. I cannot find a lock lever as shown. I followed the seat memory set without finding the lock/unlock lever. It just keeps returning to a previous memory setting, from I guess the previous owner. Help!!


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