Easy Solutions for Nissan Navigation System Problems

Navigation systems are so convenient. Gone are the times when you had to carry around massive paper maps and plan out your routes before hitting the road. These days, you just type an address into your car’s built-in GPS and get step-by-step directions to your destination.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Unfortunately, navigation systems sometimes fail. This is a notable issue in Nissan vehicles, with many owners reporting unresponsive touch screens, random freezes, or even incorrect directions.

Fortunately, there are a few quick fixes you can try to get your Nissan navigation system running smoothly once more.


A Hard Reset

When most gadgets and devices behave strangely, a hard reset is often a quick and easy way to resolve their issues. The hard reset essentially forces the device to shut down and reboot, even if it’s frozen. That can resolve most minor bugs and glitches in the system in no time.

Here’s how it’s done on the majority of Nissan vehicles:

  1. Press and hold the audio power button for about 10 seconds.
  2. When you see the Nissan logo appear, you can let go of the button. That’s the sign that the reboot was successful.

With the system rebooted, wait a moment for it to load back up and then try to program your navigation system again. You may find that it works just fine after the reset.


A lot of Nissan owners have found that their navigation systems seem unreliable. Especially when compared to GPS apps like Google Maps. They find that the car tells them to go weird routes that lead to wasted time on the way.

One possible cause could be that your Nissan’s navigation data isn’t up-to-date. If it doesn’t have the latest info about the roads and potential routes, it won’t be able to guide you as efficiently as it should.

Fortunately, this is a quick fix, too. In some cases, especially with the latest vehicles, you can just search for and download updates over-the-air without even leaving your car. However, if that’s not possible, you’ll have to download them with the help of your computer or another device.

Here’s how:

  1. Head to the official Nissan Navigation website.
  2. Type in your car’s model and year number into the box provided.
  3. The next step depends on how old your car is. Older car owners may have to buy and download the latest map update and put it on a USB stick or SD card. Newer owners can usually use Nissan’s Map Update Tool to get the latest updates downloaded instead.
  4. Install the latest updates, following the instructions in your owner’s manual.

That’s it. With that done, you can try running your Nissan’s navigation system again and see if it’s more effective.

Easy Solutions for Nissan Navigation System Problems 1

Note: Make sure you download map updates from Nissan’s official site to avoid any unnecessary risks. There are pirate and unauthorized updates out there, but they could do more harm than good to your system.

Clean the Screen and Buttons

If you’re having issues with the Nissan navigation system interface – like an unresponsive touch screen and buttons – the system may be dirty. Specks of dirt and dust can cover the screen or get behind the buttons and interfere with how well they work.

  • Use a microfiber cloth on the screen to wipe away any light dust and dirt.
  • To remove more stubborn marks, use electronics wipes or a suitable interior cleaner spray and cloth.
  • You can also grab a can of compressed air to blast out any dirt or dust behind the buttons.

Note: Be sure that your vehicle is switched off before you attempt any cleaning.

Use Your Phone

This isn’t exactly a “fix” per se. But it is an option to consider if your Nissan’s navigation system isn’t working as it should.

Some people find that, even when it’s fully updated and has no problems, Nissan’s navigation system just isn’t that reliable. It might tell you to follow a route that doesn’t seem the most optimal, for instance. Alternatively, it may struggle to figure out the precise locations of certain addresses or places you need to be. That can be a serious source of frustration for drivers, especially if you’re in a hurry or trying to find somewhere you’ve never been before.

In that case, you may just want to switch to a phone GPS app instead. There are plenty of options, boasting high levels of accuracy. You can connect your phone to your car’s charging port, set up a phone holder to help you see it, and set off wherever you need to go.

If All Else Fails, Contact the Pros

These quick fixes might be enough to resolve your Nissan’s navigation system problems. But there’s also a chance that they won’t quite suffice. The system may have a more serious issue that isn’t so easily fixed. Examples include a faulty body control module or damaged wiring. In that case, you’ll have to seek out professional assistance from a local dealership technician or mechanic.

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