Where Can I Check Drivers License Status?

Wondering where on the Internet you can check the status of a drivers license? We can help.

To check if your license is Valid, Expired, Suspended or Revoked:

  • Search online for your State’s Driver’s License division, normally known as the DMV/Department of Motor Vehicle. In some states, it is the Department of Public Safety.
  • Select either, License Status or License Check.
  • Enter your personal information as instructed, such as:
    • Your driver’s license number.
    • License expiration date (Depending on the state).
    • Social Security Number (Depending on the state).
    • Full Name (Depending on the state).
    • Address (Depending on the state).
  • Click the SUBMIT button to continue.
  • Follow all instructions thereafter.

Some states require you to acquire a copy of your Driving Record by:

    • Registering online and paying a small fee to access your records.
    • Visiting the DMV office and filling out a form.
    • Requesting a form through the mail.

*NOTE: If you do not have access to a computer, you can visit your local DMV for full instructions on how to obtain the status of your driver’s license.

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