Dodge Charger: Reset Oil Change Light

If you no longer need to be reminded¬†with a message there is an “Oil Change Due” or “Oil Change Required” on the instrument panel of your Dodge Charger, reset the notification using these steps.

Option 1 – Vehicles with Keyless Enter-N-Go

These instructions will work for 2017-2021 year models.

  1. On the instrument cluster display, press the button to start the engine and place the ignition in the “ON/RUN” position. Do not start the engine.
  2. Use the “Down Arrow” button to toggle the selection to “Vehicle Info“.
  3. Press the “Right Arrow” button to get to the “Oil Life” screen.
  4. Press and hold the “OK” button, and the Charger’s oil life will reset back to 100%.

Option 2 – All Models

These instructions will work for any year model of Dodge Charger.

  1. Turn the ignition to “On“. Do not start the engine. If you have a push button ignition, press the “Start” button two times.
  2. Slowly press the gas pedal all the way down 3 times. Do all three presses within 10 seconds.
  3. Switch the ignition to “Off“.

You’re done! The oil change message on your Dodge Charger should be gone.

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