Chrysler Town & Country MPV: How To Open Trunk

The Chrysler Town and Country has great trunk space, and vehicle owners should know every way to open the trunk.

Chrysler discontinued the Chrysler Town and Country MPV in 2016.

2014 – 2016 Models

Option 1: Opening with a Key Fob

  1. On the remote fob of your car keys, there is a button to open the trunk under the Lock and Unlock buttons.
  2. Press the trunk button twice. This button has an icon of the vehicle’s rear door opening with the number two followed by an x (2x).

Option 2: Opening with the Upper Center Console

  1. On the roof of your car, near the rearview mirror, is a console with buttons to open each side door and the trunk. The button for the trunk is between the side door controls.
  2. Press the button for the trunk once.

  1. Make sure the vehicle is stopped and in park.
  2. Exit the vehicle and walk to the back of the car.
  3. Press the button under the Town and Country logo on the trunk door.

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