Chrysler Town & Country MPV: Connect a Phone

If you get a new phone, a new car, or reset your audio system, you will need to connect your phone to your car.

2008 – 2022 Models

You can connect your phone one of two ways; manually or by voice.

Pairing a Phone Manually

  1. Park your car with the car in Run or On.
  2. On your vehicle’s touchscreen, select the Phone 📞 button.
  3. Select Add Device and then tap Settings. Your screen may display a PIN you need later to pair the devices.
  4. On your phone, navigate to your Settings, and turn on your Bluetooth.
  5. Initiate a scan on your phone, and your phone should list Uconnect as an available pairing option.
  6. Select Uconnect and enter the PIN that is displayed on your Uconnect system.
  7. Once paired, the car and phone will connect within moments.

Pairing a Phone by Voice

  1. Park your car with the car in Run or On.
  2. Press the Phone 📞 button on your radio.
  3. Your car will say “Ready.”
  4. Say “Pair Device.”
  5. Your car will ask if you want to pair a phone with the car. Say, “Yes.”
  6. The car will ask you for a four-digit PIN to confirm the connection later. Provide a four-digit PIN that you will easily remember.
  7. The car will ask you to confirm the PIN. Say “Yes.”
  8. Your car will ask for a name for the newly paired phone. Examples include “Tom’s Phone or Sarah’s Mobile.”
  9. The car will ask you to confirm the name. Say “Yes.”
  10. You will then need to assign a priority level to your device. For example, if you are the vehicle’s primary driver, you will want to put your phone as the highest priority.
  11. The car will ask for confirmation that the priority is correct. Say “Yes.”
  12. When you run a Bluetooth scan on your phone, it will list Uconnect. Select Uconnect and enter the PIN you chose earlier.
  13. Your car will say Pairing Complete when it is paired and operational.

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