Chevy Traverse: How to Open Fuel Door

So you pull up to a gas station, looking to fuel up, but can’t figure out how to open the fuel door on the Chevy Traverse? Been there! Just use these steps.

  1. There is no release lever inside the cab. Exit the vehicle and locate the fuel door on the rear of the vehicle.
  2. Push inward on the rear side of the gas door. It will spring open, allowing you access to the gas cap.

Newer models of the Chevy Traverse do not have a gas cap. Simply open the fuel door, and gas up.

2 thoughts on “Chevy Traverse: How to Open Fuel Door”

  1. 2022 Traverse, I have to unlock my car otherwise fuel door will still be locked. It’s pretty unsafe to refuel if other doors will be opened as well.


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