Chevy Tahoe: How To Open Trunk

The trunk is an essential part of any car as it’s the main storage area. If you don’t know how to open the trunk, it can be inconvenient when you’re shopping or running errands requiring sufficient storage space. If you’re frustrated with the trunk of your Chevy Tahoe, don’t stress. Here’s a comprehensive guide on opening a Chevy Tahoe’s trunk.

2021–2022 Models

There are multiple ways to open the trunk of these Chevy Tahoe models. Here are four options:

  1. Pressing the trunk/liftgate button on the key fob twice.
  2. Pressing the trunk button on the overhead panel.
  3. Pressing the touchpad beneath the trunk handle.
  4. Kicking your foot through the Chevrolet logo projection beneath the bumper.

2012–2020 Models

Follow the steps below:

  1. Find the power liftgate knob on the overhead panel right above the cockpit.
  2. Press the knob inwards.
  3. The trunk/liftgate will pop open.


  1. Place your finger beneath the trunk handle to feel the trunk button.
  2. Press the trunk button.
  3. The trunk will open.


How Can I Adjust the Liftgate in a Chevy Tahoe?

There are several methods to adjust the liftgate in the Chevy Tahoe 2021-2022 models. These include:

  1. Turn the trunk knob on the overhead panel once to adjust the trunk door to a three-quarters position.
  2. Adjust the trunk door manually by pulling the door to your preferred position.
  3. After pulling the trunk door down to the preferred position, press the liftgate button under the handle until you hear a beep and the rear turn signal lights flash to save the new trunk door height setting.

How Do I Know When My Trunk/Liftgate Is Locked Correctly?

After lowering the trunk door to the closing position, firmly press the door inwards until you hear a pop. The pop indicates the trunk is closed.

How Big is the Trunk in a Chevy Tahoe?

A Chevy Tahoe has 25.5 cubic ft. of cargo space in the trunk. You can increase this space by folding down the seats. If you just fold the third row down, the cargo space bumps up to 72.6 cubic ft, but if you lay down all the seats, you can get up to 122.9 cubic ft.

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