Chevy Tahoe: Connect a Phone

Use Bluetooth to connect your cellphone to your Chevy Tahoe and enjoy hands-free calls, GPS navigation, and music streaming.

2009 – 2022 Models

  1. Press AUDIO on your Tahoe’s touch screen.
  2. Press BLUETOOTH on your Tahoe’s touch screen.
  3. Go to SETTINGS on your cellphone.
  4. Open BLUETOOTH on your cellphone.
  5. Make sure BLUETOOTH is turned ON on your cellphone.
  6. On the Tahoe’s touch screen, press ADD PHONE.
  7. On your cellphone, you will see MY CHEVROLET. Press it.
  8. Press PAIR on your cellphone AND the Tahoe’s touch screen.
  9. Press ALLOW on the Tahoe’s touch screen.
  10. Your phone and car are now paired.

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