Chevy Sonic: Reset TPMS

Your Chevy Sonic may require a TPMS reset after replacing or rotating tires and adding air. If your car needs a reset, you’ll receive a TPMS warning light on the dashboard. This light will turn off after resetting your TPMS.

You will need a TPMS relearn tool to reset TPMS on your vehicle. Purchase the device online or from your local auto accessories dealer.


  1. Set the parking brake on your car. Turn on the ignition, but don’t turn on the engine.
  2. Press and hold the start button for models with the push button until your vehicle goes into Service Mode.
  3. Press the Menu until you see the Vehicle Menu on the Driver Information Center (DIC). The menu button is on the turn signal lever.
  4. Turn the thumb wheel to scroll down 🔽 the Vehicle Menu until you locate the Tire Pressure tab.
  5. Press the SET/CLR button on the turn signal lever to set your vehicle to the learning mode.
  6. A message prompting you to accept the relearn process will pop up on the DIC. Press SET/CLR again to accept.
  7. The car horn will sound twice, and a Tire Learn message will pop up on the (DIC) to indicate the reset process is active.
  8. Start with the front tire on the driver’s side.
  9. Place the TPMS relearn tool against the tire sidewall near the valve system and press the activate button. The horn will sound once when the tire sensor is reset.
  10. Move to the front tire on the passenger side and repeat the same process until the horn sounds once.
  11. Repeat the same procedure on the rear tires.
  12. The horn will sound twice after completing the TPMS reset on all four tires.
  13. The Tire Learn message will disappear when the reset process is complete.
  14. Turn off the ignition.
  15. You can now set the tires to pressures as seen on the Tire and Loading Information Label.

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