Chevy Sonic: How To Open Trunk

Learn how to open the trunk of your Chevy Sonic to get back on the road faster!


Unlock the Trunk from Inside the Car

  1. Locate the trunk release button to the left ◀️ of the steering wheel.
  2. Click the button with the image of a car with its trunk open.

Unlock the Trunk from Outside the Car

  1. Press the button on the key fob with the image of a car with its trunk open.
  2. Put your hand under the Chevy logo on your trunk and pull up 🔼 to open.

Having Trouble?

Sometimes your trunk won’t open; here are some suggestions to help you get it open.

A Sticky Trunk

  1. Once you can get your trunk open, spray lubricant on the latch.

Faulty Wiring or Dead Key Fob Battery

  1. Listen if you can hear a blipping noise when you click the remote.
  2. If there is no sound, the latch solenoid might not be working, so there’s probably an issue with the wiring.
  3. Disconnect the battery, reconnect, and try again.
  4. If that does not work, you may need a new battery in your key fob.

Open the Trunk Manually

  1. You can open the trunk manually by pulling down 🔽 the back seats.
  2. Reach and pull the trunk latch from inside the trunk.

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