Chevy Sonic: How to Open the Hood

Whether you need to work on your engine or refill your wiper fluid, this post will guide you on how to open the hood of your Chevy Sonic.


  1. Park and turn off your vehicle.
  2. Pull the hood release lever, marked by a symbol of a car with an open hood located to the lower left ◀️ of your steering column.
  3. Once you pull the first hood release lever, the hood will pop up slightly, and you will hear an audible click.
  4. Move to the car’s front and pull the secondary hood latch to the right ▶️ to release the hood. This latch is located just above the Chevy logo on your grill.
  5. Release the hood prop from the retainer and insert it into the slot marked with an arrow on the underside of the hood frame.

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