Chevy Silverado: Reset Stereo System

Resetting your stereo system may need to be completed if you find an issue or you want to erase all preset functions. Follow these steps to reset the stereo system of your Chevy Silverado.


  1. Turn on your Chevy Silverado and remain parked.
  2. Turn on the MyLink system and navigate to the “Settings” button; tap the icon that looks like a gear with the word “Settings” underneath.
  3. Next, ensure you are under the “Systems” tab on the top left ◀️ of your touchscreen.
  4. Using the arrow buttons, scroll down 🔽 to the bottom of the “Systems” menu until you see “Return to Factory Settings.”
  5. Tap the button “Return to Factory Settings.”
  6. Next tap, “Reset Vehicle Settings.”
  7. Then tap, “Reset.”


  1. Turn on your Chevy Silverado and remain parked.
  2. Turn on the audio system.
  3. Click and hold the radio power button for 10 seconds, and the vehicle will bypass the dealer code that appears. This action will turn off the stereo system; turning the radio back on will reset your system.
  4. Alternatively, enter your dealer-provided radio code to reset. A code may appear as soon as you turn on your Chevy Silverado; reenter your code to reset the system.


  1. Turn off your Chevy Silverado.
  2. Locate the fuse panel on the passenger’s side.
  3. Unplug the radio fuse for 30 seconds.
  4. Plug the fuse back into place.
  5. Turn on your Chevy Silverado, and the stereo system will have reset itself.

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