Chevy Silverado: Connect a Phone

Connecting your phone to the MyLink system of your Chevy Silverado allows you to make calls, receive messages, and play music all from your phone.


  1. Turn on your Chevy Silverado.
  2. On the radio touchscreen, navigate to your MyLink home and select phone.
  3. After selecting the phone icon, click on the pair button. Instructions will populate on the MyLink screen.
  4. On your phone and go to Settings.
  5. Select Bluetooth.
  6. Under Bluetooth, select Chevy Silverado MyLink.
  7. The phone will ask whether you want to pair. Select Yes.
  8. On your phone, allow the Chevy Silverado to access personal data from your phone to make the use of your phone most effective.


  1. Turn on your Chevy Silverado.
  2. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the steering wheel of your Chevy Silverado.
  3. Say, pair a device.
  4. On your phone, navigate to the Settings and begin a Bluetooth search.
  5. Once the search is complete, you will select your Chevy Silverado on your phone and enter the code provided via your radio.
  6. You will then say a name tag you want to associate with your phone.
  7. Confirm the name tag, and the devices will successfully pair.

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