Chevy Silverado: Can’t Fill Gas Tank

If you’re having a problem filling the gas tank in your Chevy Silverado, you’re not the only one. Many owners of the Silverado report that the gas pump will automatically shut off repeatedly when they are trying to refuel their beloved pickup. Why is this happening?

It turns out that the Fuel Evap Canister commonly gets clogged with dirt, especially if you drive the pickup on gravel roads. The Fuel Evap Canister is located on the bottom of the vehicle and is required due to EPA regulations. The canister has a charcoal filter in it and traps vapors when fuel is evaporated and sends that fuel back into the tank.

Silverado Clogged Evap Canister

When that canister gets clogged with dirt, you will have problems refilling the tank. The scary part is, when you take your truck into the shop for this problem, they can charge you quite a bit to replace this part. All you need to do is blow some air into it. Just take a look at the video.

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