Chevy Impala: How to Turn Off Headlights Immediately

How to Turn Off your Headlights Immediately

Did you know that you can change the amount of time your headlights stay on after you leave the car? In fact, you can even make the time zero, so the headlights turn off immediately! This is found under the “Exit Lighting” setting.

Just make sure you keep the car in Park during the entire procedure. You can’t make these changes while the car is in gear.

2013 – 2023 Models

  1. The Exterior Headlight Control is on the instrument panel to the left of your steering wheel.
  2. Turn the dial to OFF.

2006 – 2012 Models

First, look to the right of the steering wheel. Here you’ll find four buttons to interact with the display (aka the driver information center). The button images are kinda hard to describe, so I’ve given them special names (see image).

  1. Keep clicking the List until you see “EXIT LIGHTING: PRESS ✔ TO CHANGE.”
  2. Click Checkmark once
  3. Now use List again to cycle through your choices. You can choose from 30 Seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, Off, or No Change.
  4. When “Off” is displayed, click Checkmark again.
  5. Click Road to return to normal dash display operation!

2000 – 2005 Models

  1. The Exterior Headlight Control is on the instrument panel.
  2. Press the control knob in.

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