Chevy Impala: How to Open Fuel Door

The fuel door on the Chevy Impala functions a bit differently than on most vehicles. The vehicle doesn’t have a fuel door release lever or button for accessing the gas cap. This may leave you wondering how to open the fuel door on your Impala. We got you covered. Just follow these instructions to see how it’s done.

2000 – 2023 Models

  1. To open the fuel door, simply exit the vehicle.
  2. Press and release the left side of the fuel door inward.
  3. The door will spring open, allowing you to access the gas cap.
  4. Turn the cap counterclockwise to open it.


Is there a way to lock the fuel door?

Chevy does not provide a way to lock the fuel door. If you’re concerned with fuel tampering or theft, you can purchase a locking gas cap as a solution.

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