Chevy Impala: How to Open the Hood

How to Open the Hood

Impala 2006 – 2012 models

Opening the hood to any car feels easy, but there are subtle differences between vehicles. Here’s how to open the hood of an Impala:

  1. Look down and to the left of the steering wheel. Beside the emergency break you’ll see a lever with a car icon on it (see first image below).
  2. Grab the lower part of this lever and pull until you hear a “clunk!”
  3. Move to the front of the car and you’ll notice the hood is slightly jarred. Bend down and check out the area just above the Chevy logo.
  4. Look for a small metal tab (see second image). Push this tab to the right with one hand while pulling the hood upward with the other.
  5. The hood will start to lift. If it stops, pull that metal tab right a little bit more.
  6. The hood will eventually fully open from the power of the hydraulic bar on the right side (see third image).
  7. When you’re done, slowly pull the hood down with one hand while supporting it with the other.
  8. When the hood is a few inches from being closed, let go with both hands and it will slam shut!

NOTE: The hydraulic bar will keep the hood open for you, there’s no further action needed to hold the hood!

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