Chevy Impala: How to Disable Traction Control

Learn how to turn off the traction control system on the Chevy Impala with these steps.

Impala 2006 – 2012 models

Traction Control is different than the Antilock Breaking System. Where ABS keeps your tires from locking up during a “sudden stop”, Traction Control keeps your wheels from spinning from a “sudden go”. Having Traction Control on is useful during slippery weather when your tires can just spin on an icy road. The same can be said for a gravel road. You can turn off Traction Control, here’s how:

  1. Look to the left of the steering wheel, there’s a set of buttons and knobs on a panel.
  2. Click the lower right button. The symbol looks like a tire with a “TC” and a “slash” through it (see image above).
  3. You should see this same symbol appear on the dash display in red.
  4. Your Traction Control is now disabled!


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