Chevy Impala: Enable or Disable Rear Door Child Locks

We show you how to enable and disable the child safety door locks on the Chevy Impala with this tutorial.

2013-2021 Models

Child safety locks are controlled using a button on the driver’s side door.

Impala Child Safety Lock

A light on the instrument panel will indicate whether the child safety locks are engaged.

2006-2012 Models

  1. Have your car key in hand.
  2. Open a rear door and look on the inside of the door for a child icon.
  3. Look for a while circle of plastic with a slot (see image below).
  4. If the slot is up and down the child lock is DISABLED.
  5. Use your key to turn the slot to enable or disable the child safety lock.
  6. While it’s enabled the door can’t be open from the inside.
  7. Remember to set the other rear door to the same position.


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