Chevy Impala: Calibrate Compass

Calibrate your Compass

Impala 2006 – 2012 models

If your compass seems to be incorrect OR if the display says CAL where you expect the direction to be, you need to calibrate your compass!

ATTENTION! Before you calibrate your compass, know that you should not operate any electronic switches during calibration. For example don’t operate the windows, sunroof, climate controls, or seats. Doing this might cause your car to detect other magnetic fields, disrupting the process!

  1. First, set your Compass Variance Zone, click for details!
  2. After your zone is set correctly, find an empty parking lot.
  3. To the right of the steering wheel you’ll find four buttons used to interact with the dash display (aka the driver information center). Choose the second button down with an “i” (preceded by a car icon).
  4. Continue pressing the “i” button until you see “PRESS ✔ TO CALIBRATE COMPASS”.
  5. Press the Check mark button.
  6. You’ll see the message “CALIBRATING: DRIVE IN CIRCLES”. Drive your car in tight circles. Don’t exceed 5mph.
  7. Watch for the display to read “CALIBRATION COMPLETE”
  8. Press the top most button (which looks like a road and mountains) to exit calibration.

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