Chevy HHR: How to Open the Hood

Some cars change year after year but Chevy is a tried and true classic. They know how to make things work and don’t change mechanisms unless something is truly wrong. It doesn’t matter whether you have a 2006 HHR or a 2011 model; here’s how to open the hood.

Release the Interior Lever

On the driver’s left-hand side, there should be an alcove in the sidewall with a c-shaped lever.

  1. Look for a white symbol in the shape of a square car with the hood popped open.
  2. Once you find the icon, reach down and pull the release lever toward you.

The hood should partially lift open. Now, you’ll walk around to the front of the vehicle and face the engine so you’re looking at the windshield.

Release the Exterior Lever

The second release lever is in the middle of the hood.

  1. Reach down toward the engine grille and find the release lever.
  2. Push the release lever to the left ◀️.

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