Chevy HHR: Manually Adjust the Audio System Presets

The Chevy HHR allows preset sound options for its audio system. But when those preset options aren’t working for you, manually changing them can be the easiest option. Here’s how to manually adjust those audio system presets.

2006 – 2022 Models

Station Presets

The six numbered buttons allow you to save 1 channel per frequency (FM1, FM2, and AM). When you want to manually adjust the saved channels, you’ll need to change them one at a time. 

  1. Press the volume button to turn on the radio.
  2. Press Band to select the frequency. 
  3. Tune the radio to the station you want. 
  4. Press a numbered button for 3 seconds
  5. Once there is a beeping sound, release the numbered button. 
  6. Your station is now set to the numbered button you selected. 

Tone Presets

  1. Press the EQ button for setting options to change preset tone settings.  
  2. Press and hold the EQ button until the word MANUAL shows up on the screen. 
  3. Now you can manually change the tone from the preset. 
  4. You can also press the Tune or 🎵 knob to adjust.


  • 2006 Model can change Bass and Treble
  • 2007-2011 Models can change Bass, Midrange, and Treble

Volume Presets

The audio system saves your most recent volume setting.

  1. To manually adjust the volume, turn the knob to the right ▶️ to increase or the left ◀️ to decrease sound. 
  2. Once you have a volume you like, it will stay on that volume the next time you turn on your car as long as you haven’t adjusted the dial. 

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