Chevy HHR: Connect a Phone

Pairing a phone with a 2009-2011 Chevy HHR

There are 6 steps to pair your Bluetooth-enabled phone to a 2009-2011 Chevy HHR.

  1. Press and hold the answer/voice command button for roughly 2 seconds until the voice menu activates.
  2. Clearly say “Bluetooth” to enter into the Bluetooth option menu
  3. “Pair” is the next command you will give.
    1. Have something on hand to take notes as the car’s voice system will respond with a four-digit PIN for later use, and some instructions on how to proceed.
  4. On your phone start the Bluetooth pairing process.
  5. Look for the device that’s named “Your Vehicle” for 2011 and “General Motors” for model years 2009-2010 on your phone’s pairing list.
    1. Once selected your phone will prompt you for the four-digit PIN your car gave you earlier.
    2. After the phone has been synced to the car, the car’s system will prompt you for a name for the newly paired phone. You can name it whatever you want.
  6. The system will repeat the name and finish the process.

Simply repeat the process for any additional phones you want to pair giving each a unique name.

Pairing a phone with a 2006-2008 Chevy HHR

For model years 2006-2008, you technically can’t pair your phone with the Chevy HHR. Instead, the OnStar system had to be used requiring an OnStar subscription to be purchased. Then you have the option of either prepaying for minutes through OnStar itself or select customers could link through a Verizon Wireless plan.

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