Chevy Equinox: Start With Dead Key Fob Battery

Eventually, battery in the key fob for the Chevy Equinox will fully drain. So what happens if you’re out in the middle of nowhere with a dead fob battery? How will you start the vehicle?

Don’t worry! Chevy thought of that. There is still a way you can start the Equinox ignition even when the fob is dead. We show you how with this guide.

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  1. Place the vehicle gear in P or N.
  2. Press the button on the side of your keyfob to remove the manual key.
  3. Locate a manual key slot underneath the driver’s door handle.
  4. Insert the key in the slot and pop out the cap to reveal a keyhole.
  5. Insert the manual key in the keyhole and unlock the car.
  6. Once inside the car, place the dead keyfob in the cupholder.
  7. Hold the brake pedal, then push the Start button to start the vehicle.

The Equinox should start up just fine. If it doesn’t start, try re-positioning the key fob in the cup holder, then try again.

Replace the battery with a CR2032 battery or equivalent as soon as possible.

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