Chevy Cruze: Reset the Trip Odometer

The Chevy Cruze allows you to select from two separate trip/odometers to track the distance in miles traveled. You can choose either “Trip 1” or “Trip 2.”


  1. View the Driver Information Center (DIC) digital read-out panel in the center of the instrument panel just to the left of the speedometer.
  2. To reset the trip odometer feature, locate the DIC controls on the top, right side of the steering wheel.
  3. Use the Left ◀️ or Right ▶️ arrow controls to scroll through the menu until you see “Trip 1” or “Trip 2” displayed. Select your desired “Trip” to reset.
  4. Locate the button with a checkmark icon on it. ✅
  5. Press and hold down the checkmark button ✅ until the odometer on the DIC resets to 0.
  6. Release button.


  1. Locate the Driver Information Center (the DIC) on your dashboard.
  2. The bottom portion of the DIC display screen shows what position the shift lever is in and the odometer. You can access the trip odometer screen using the DIC menu button on the turn signal located on the left side of the steering wheel. NOTE: The button is labeled “MENU.”
  3. Press the MENU button repeatedly until the Trip/Fuel Information Menu is displayed.
  4. Use the thumbwheel located on the signal lever to scroll through options (up 🔼 or down 🔽) until you see “Trip 1” and “Trip 2” odometers.
  5. To reset a “Trip” odometer, use the thumbwheel to select “Trip 1” or “Trip 2.”
  6. Next, press and hold down the set/clear button at the end of the turn signal until the digital odometer reads 0.0 mi.
  7. Your trip meter has been reset to zero.
  8. Press the MENU button back out of the current screen.

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