Chevy Cruze: How to Open Hood

The hood of your Chevy Cruze is the hinged cover that protects your vehicle’s engine. The hood opens to allow access to the engine compartment when repairs or maintenance need to be completed.


  1. To release your Chevrolet Cruze hood, ensure your car is parked and the engine turned off.
  2. Locate the hood release latch. This latch is located inside the vehicle to the left ◀️ of the steering column, near the floor. Look for the icon of a car with an open hood printed on the latch. Pull up 🔼 to release the latch. You should hear an audible click when the hood is released.
  3. Move to the front of your Chevrolet Cruze and locate the second hood release latch. This second latch is found directly above the Chevrolet logo on the grill of your car.
  4. Slide your hand just under the lip of the hood to locate the second hood latch, and push the latch to the right ▶️ or the driver’s side of the vehicle.
  5. Your hood should be fully disengaged. Gently lift the hood, and before you can let go, you need to release the hood prop; this prop will support your hood, so you don’t need to hold it while you work.
  6. The hood prop is located in the front of your engine compartment closest to you. It resembles a long thin pole; lift the pole up 🔼 and to the left ◀️ to support the hood by slipping the hood prop into the underside of the hood.

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