Chevy Cruze: How to Turn Off the Auto Stop/Start Feature

The Auto Stop/Start feature on the Chevy Cruze is not a favorite feature for everybody. The feature shuts the engine off when the brakes are completely applied. Unfortunately, Chevrolet decided not to put a button or lever to completely disable this annoyance anywhere on Cruze models made prior to 2019. So how to you turn the Auto Start-Stop feature off?

2019 – 2023 Models

For newer models, there is actually a button!

  1. Press the “A OFF” button (the A symbol with an arrow around it) on the center console to toggle the Auto Stop/Start to on or off.
  2. Auto Stop/Start is disabled when the light on this button is illuminated.
    Chevy Cruze Auto Start Stop Button

Models 2018 and Prior

There is no way to actually disable the Auto Stop/Start feature. However, you can work around it using these steps:

  1. Shift the gear into the “L” position. This places the vehicle into manual mode.
  2. Use the +/- buttons on the gearshift to toggle the gear range (shown on the instrument panel display) up to “9” as you drive.

Now you can operate the Chevy Cruze as you normally would with the Auto Stop/Start feature turned off.

Note: Auto Stop is enabled every time you start your Chevy Cruze. You can see that it working with the A symbol that has an arrow around it.

7 thoughts on “Chevy Cruze: How to Turn Off the Auto Stop/Start Feature”

  1. Could someone post what that toggle range looks like in the Instrument panel? I’m going to attempt to do this, and would like to see what I’d be doing. I’m a visual person, and need a bit of instruction.

  2. Hey Rhonda What he refers to as the “toggle range” is the plus and minus buttons on the top of the gear shift and on the screen on the dash on the lower right corner shows what gear you’re in when you go into “L” (aka manual) the dash screen will first say “L1” push the plus button on the gear shift multiple times till it says “L6” if you have a 6 speed or “L9” if it’s a 9 speed. if you do not up shift to max when in “L” (aka manual) IT WILL NOT SHIFT AND STAY IN FIRST GEAR so please be careful to remember that

  3. I read that this applies to when you disable the Auto-Start on a Chevy Cruze 2018 or prior. Unfortunately, the next time you start the car, the Auto-Start comes back on.

  4. Seems complicated. My Jeep just has an on/off button, but my son just bought a 2017 used Cruze. We love our 2015, but it doesn’t have the auto stop/start.


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