Can You Drive a Vehicle With a Blown Head Gasket?

First, let’s start here: Failed Head Gasket Symptoms:

  • Overheating (Causes damage to the cooling system, Failure of the radiator, Erosion of the hoses)
  • Coolant in the oil (Causes corrosion which can damage the engine, radiator, and heater)
  • Coolant Leak/ Excessive need for coolant (Can damage the catalytic converter)
  • White exhaust smoke
  • Milky colored motor oil
  • Engine Misfiring

All of these indicate a problem and should NOT be ignored. If you choose to keep driving your vehicle with any of these going on, you will end up paying some big bucks to replace or purchase a new motor or transmission, and we are talking about in the thousands. Although it will cost just as much to fix the Head Gasket, typically in the range of $1500- $3000 WELP!!

So, to answer the question… NO WAY! It would be best if you did NOT drive your vehicle with a blown head gasket.

However, there are some proven quick fixes which have been pretty successful thus far and recommended by certified mechanics, such as:

*These are, as I stated, quick fixes and should be utilized upon the first instance ANY of the symptoms above occur. But know, these will not get rid of the overall issue, which could resurface in Three weeks or even Three years, it is totally unpredictable and also depends on the severity of the damage to the Head Gasket. 


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