Buick Encore: How To Open Trunk

Sometimes even simple processes like opening the trunk of your Buick Encore can seem complicated. This guide details the steps to take to open the trunk/liftgate of your car.

2020 – 2022 Models

There are two ways to open the trunk of your Buick Encore. Hands-free and manually. Remember that your key fob should be within three feet of the car’s rear bumper to open the trunk hands-free.

To Open the Trunk Hands-Free

  1. Kick your foot over the LED Buick logo projection that will appear on the ground as you approach your vehicle.
  2. Step back, and the trunk will open automatically.

To Open the Trunk Manually

Option 1: On the liftgate/trunk door, press the touchpad and lift the door.

Option 2: Press the liftgate button on your key fob twice to open the trunk.

Option 3: If equipped with power liftgate mode, press the liftgate button twice to open the trunk.

 2014 – 2019 Models

  1. Unlock your car doors with your key fob.
  2. On the back of your car, locate the liftgate handle.
  3. Place your hand below the liftgate handle and pull up.
  4. The trunk will open.

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