Audi Q3: Connect a Phone

With the latest cutting-edge technology, it’s super-easy to pair your mobile device to your Audi Q3 using Bluetooth. Here’s our simple guide to doing this in the convenience of your vehicle.

2015 – 2022 Model

  1. Park your car with your engine set to “ON” or “RUN.”
  2. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth via your phone settings.
  3. Select the phone icon 📞 on your infotainment screen.
  4. Select “Connect Mobile Device.”
  5. Your infotainment screen will show a list of available devices; select your phone when it appears. You may need to initiate a scan on your phone if it does not automatically populate on your car screen.
  6. A PIN will appear on your phone once you make the selection above.
  7. Ensure the PIN on your phone and infotainment screen match.
  8. Select “Pair” on your phone.
  9. You can choose to sync your contacts to your infotainment system. Select “Allow” to sync your contacts.

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