Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

Car Battery Jumpers

A dead car battery is the worst thing to walk out to in the morning. It’s even more frustrating when you don’t understand why your car battery keeps dying.

In this guide we’ll cover some things you can do to figure out why your battery keeps draining and whether or not it needs replacement.

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Have you Ever Noticed the Little Fuel Icon Arrow?

Gas Icon Arrow

My Mother In Law was driving our RAV4 recently and we needed gas. As she’s pulling into the gas station, she asks me “Which side is the tank on?”. I tell her it’s on the left, and told her about the arrow on the instrument panel that indicates which side the gas tank is located on. She was blown away. “That’s a nice little feature!” she said.

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Nissan Rogue: How to Open the Hood

The hood is the part of the car that protects the car engine and other critical car parts from damage. Learning to open the hood is necessary for performing routine checks and fixing minor mechanical failures. Here’s a guide on how to open the hood of various Nissan Rogue models. 2020 – 2022 Models Locate … Read more

Nissan Quest: Release/Open Fuel Door

Filling up your car with fuel is a necessary chore. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid it. First, you must know how to open/release the fuel door to fill your car. As a point of reference, the Nissan Quest stopped production in 2017. 2011 – 2017 Models Open your car door. Locate the fuel door release lever near … Read more

Ford Escape: How To Open Trunk

Ford Escape

Learning how to open the trunk of a car is essential to utilize the storage space when traveling or shopping. Even though opening the trunk is similar for most car models, others have varying techniques. Here’s a guide on opening the trunks of various Ford Escape models. 2019 – 2022 Models Find the trunk button on the left … Read more

Toyota RAV4: Connect a Phone

Toyota RAV4

When you connect your phone to your car, you can access hands-free features such as making and receiving calls and streaming music. Follow the guides below to connect your phone to your Toyota RAV4. 2010 – 2022 Models Ensure your car is parked with the engine turned on. Open your phone and navigate to your … Read more

Kia Soul: Reset TPMS

TPMS alerts you when your tire pressure is too low or too high. Proper tire pressure is essential in maintaining road safety through reduced risk of tire bursts, shorter braking distance, and better fuel economy. This guide helps you learn how to reset TPMS in various Kia Soul models. 2017 – 2022 Models Turn on … Read more